The Royal Regiment Of Scotland - Fundamental Part Of The British Army

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We are The Royal Regiment of Scotland, an infantry equipped with the capabilities to serve our duties for the United Kingdom and all the necessary defences for its allies. All our units are flaming with the spirit of courage and discipline. It is our lifetime commitment to support in maintaining the peace and order of our nation and help our allied countries once they need us.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland is consisting of individual valiant soldiers called Jock. The title of Jock is given to the resilient men who have undergone and passed all the necessary trainings. These Jocks are exemplifying the life of dignified, noble, nationalistic, and fearless men.

All our operational units are prepared to adapt to the challenges set by the warfare circumstances of the present and future times. Our hearts are more than willing to dedicate our entire lives for the fulfilment of the duties and responsibilities which are respectively assigned to us.

Our infantry comprises of different members such as the cadets, reservists, veterans, and the regular soldiers. From the youngest Jocks to the most experienced Officers, we embrace the zealous spirit in order for us to improve and be flexible to the challenges of the present time that are confronted to us.

Our spirit and character are grounded on the culture and community of Scotland. Each of our Jocks have the persistent determination to accomplish all that is expected from us and we always recognise the steadfast support that the Scottish people give. We are more than privileged in carrying our historical and national embodiment.

It is an incomparable honour when you have the passion to serve your country and be granted with the opportunities to live with this calling.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland is opening our doors to the men who dreams of taking part in our patriotic journey.

Be one of us.